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Fiddler Beetle (Eupoecilia australasiae)

We found this eye-catching beetle in our garden, and were both amazed at the vividness of its colours.  It was so shiny too, and looked just like it had had a duco spray job!  It was not a co-operative creature to photograph, as it kept moving non-stop, so I ended up having to take lots of photos to get one good clear one!  After this was accomplished we returned it to the garden.  I discovered when identifying it, that it gets its name from the green markings, which look like the outline of a fiddle (violin).


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Native drone fly (Eristalinus punctulatus)

I found this fascinating and handsome looking creature on our chrysanthemums recently, and couldn’t resist taking its pic! I had no idea what it was except that it buzzed like a bee, but wasn’t a bee – so I just called it my ‘Stripey Fly’.

Some Googling revealed that it was a hover fly, a Native Drone Fly. It gets its name from the fact that it drones (buzzes) like a bee, and this is to trick the bees into thinking it is a bee (as are its stripes), so it can get to share their nectar source with them. Pretty clever heh?!

It’s larvae also eat aphids, making it a VERY good Aussie bug – they are welcome in our garden any time!

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