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We found this Striped Hawk Moth  (Hyles livornicoides) on our verandah one  morning, (stunned from flying into a lighted window the previous night).  The amazing markings, as well as   the colours  of some of our moths and other insects never ceases to amaze me, plus this guy (or gal)  was also very furry, quite spectacular!  I think we get so taken up with our mammals, birds and reptiles,  that the other equally important, but not so obvious creatures tend to get overlooked.  *There are about 22,000 species of Australian moths, of which only half have been described so far.* (**Source: CSIRO Entomology)  You can therefore imagine how much time I spent Googling before I finally identified ‘our’ moth (which I am pleased to report recovered after a while and flew off.)  


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Green Blotched Moth (Noctuidae cosmodes elegans)

I found this moth one morning on our hall wall next to the night light. When I gathered it up in my cupped hand to put it outside (it was only 15mm long), instead of fluttering around like moths usually do, it just sat on my hand. So, I was able to place it in a good light on the verandah and take some pics of a live moth for a change, instead of the usual dead ones! It was one very co-operative moth and stayed put until I had finished taking my pics, when it then flew off, none the worse for its experience. I had never seen a moth like this before, and thought that maybe I had been lucky enough to find a rare one – but no, upon identification I discovered it is found throughout most of Australia. Oh well, maybe next time?!

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